Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Just wanted to add the poster of our film "THE IDIOT BOXER". This 5:00 minute short was directed by both Damian Dunn and myself Scott Balzer. The film is basically about two couch potato idiots who cant find anything good on television. Since being completed in October of 2005 it has gone on to be accepted into the Southern Fried Film Festival '06 (Augusta, GA) , The Highway 5 Film Festival '06 (Marietta, GA) , and The Macon Film Festival '06 (Macon, GA ). We are still pending acceptances into a few other local and non local film festivals across the state and the country. Also, the film will be shown locally in the Macon, GA area on local public access television channel WCOX 15 beginning sometime this May '06. The station hosts a program entitled Indie Showcase. More info can be found at the WCOX15 link:

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tenxfilms said...

Hey fyi any who may try this link that the website has moved on to their June schedule and our film is no longer on the site because it was part of the May schedule. However have a look at the site and see what theyre offering this month.