Friday, May 30, 2008

New Short Film...WTF

This week TEN-X-FILMS got together for a very
impromptu day of short filmmaking. After securing
our location by phone call from Paris, France
we decided to just go ahead and shoot something
with no script, two actors and a swimming pool.
The shoot ended up being four hours of WTF
are we shooting, WTF are we doing and WTF
does this make any sense. But WTF we got it
done, its done being edited, and it awaits all
your WTF were you guys smoking, thinking, 
doing in someone's private swimming pool.
The short is still untitled but it's a cross between
Jacobs Ladder with Tim Robbins and our first
short film The Idiot Boxer
Here are some screen grabs BTW.
Eliot Levin (acting debut I think)
Damian Dunn (next time use the ND 64 while shooting this guy)

Where did that beer come from?

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