Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Velcro Pinch!

Hey recently completed another short film for 2008 entitled "The Velcro Pinch". That makes four total for the year. Anyway, we screened it on December 4th at The Plaza Theater as part of something created by local writer and filmmaker Josh Wilcox called the Doorways Screening. The screening consisted of I believe 5 short films that were all written by Josh and given to various local filmmakers to direct except for one that Josh directed himself called 50/50. I was very surprised by the big turnout of people to show their support and I think most of them got a kick out of our goofy short film. The short features Mike Brune, Damian Dunn and Derek Mize. The supporting cast consists of Robin Spera, Jennifer Caldwell, Melissa Mason-Buck and Kenneth Buck.  We had fun shooting it over two days the weekend before Thanksgiving where it got no warmer than 40 degrees the first and longest day of shooting.
Screengrab of Mike Brune and Damian Dunn

Behind The Scenes with Mike Brune and Director Scott Balzer (me)

More Behind The Scenes (Photos Courtesy of D. Dunn)

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